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What is a Career Event? 

Career events are an opportunity for young people to attend an event at their school or college which showcases current job opportunities. This can be filtered to look at particular business sectors, such as STEM industries, if appropriate. 

Career Events can also be used to focus on the impact of specific areas of learning, such as numeracy, to show the importance of these outcomes in the world of work.

What is the impact of a Career Event? 

Career events are a very popular way of engaging young people with the world of work as they allow a great deal to be achieved in one setting and, crucially, provide more opportunities for relaxed one to one conversation between young people and potential employers. 

This aspect is particularly important in creating interest and building confidence in future pathways for young people.

Curriculum Links

Successful Learners 

A career event will encourage motivation to learn by contextualising future opportunities and, therefore, increasing the determination to achieve high standards. 

Effective Contributors 

A career event gives young people an opportunity to demonstrate an enterprising attitude and communicate in a different context with new people.

Responsible Citizens 

A career event will allow the learner to keep developing their understanding of their place in society and to make informed choices about their future within it.

Confident Individuals  

A career event will allow a learner to test out ideas about their future path and encourage them to live as independently as possible.

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