Invite a Business Leader into your school to assist young people with the employability skills required to help them find and keep a job.

What is an Employability Event?

Employability Events focus on the employability skills required to help young people find and keep a job. This could include things like CV writing, application forms and mock interviews.

What is the impact of an Employability Event?

An Employability Event has a noticeable impact upon the attitude young people have towards the world of work, and their place within it.

By demystifying some the processes and terminology that allow young people to find and keep a job they become empowered and can clearly identify how to express their own skills and learning in a context which will secure them employment.

Curriculum Links: Curricular Mapping in relation to the 4 Capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence

Successful Learners

An Employability Event is a motivator for learners as it allows them to see the impact of successful learning in the composition and expression of their successes, curricular and extra-curricular.

Effective Contributors

Employability Events will focus less directly on this aspect of learning as the emphasis is on presenting the employability skills of the individual.

Responsible Citizens

An Employability Event will allow the learner to keep developing their understanding of their place in society and to make informed choices about their future within it.

Confident Individuals

An Employability Event will allow a learner to test out their employability skills in interviews and CV writing and build up confidence in these areas.

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