Visit young people in your local area to share an insight into jobs in your particular sector.

What is an Industry Insight Event?

An Industry Insight Event is an opportunity for a young person to start thinking about what a career in a particular sector would be like. You can introduce them to the types of jobs available and the tasks that people working in this job would be expected to perform.

How should I prepare?

Think about the different roles that you hire for within your company, and the different tasks that employees within your organisation need to perform. You can go into detail about your own role within the company and what your day-to-day work is like. There will probably be a Q&A session so expect to answer questions about your role, too. Don’t worry about preparing an extensive presentation - it’s better to speak naturally!

What is the impact of an Industry Insight Event?

Industry Insight Events are a fantastic opportunity to contextualise the general career education learning of young people and to start rooting this information in a specific sector. This narrowing process helps young people to make informed choices about their subject choices, further or higher educational options and to become passionate about their future path.

Industry Insight Events are general enough to provide opportunities for larger groups but specific enough to really find, fuel and spark ideas about their future in minds of young people.

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