Visit a local school to give young people information about your industry, including the knowledge, skills and qualifications that they’ll need to succeed.

What is an Industry/Technical Event?

These events are designed to help young people learn about the specific skills or qualifications they may need to get a career within a particular industry. Industry experts such as yourself share information that help young people understand how the sector works and how to get hired.

How should I prepare?

If you’re invited to an Industry/Technical event then be prepared to share information about the skills that your company looks for when hiring, as well as how you built your own career in the sector. You don’t need to bring a formal presentation - we find that these events are most effective if you simply speak from the heart, sharing your story and your insights.

What is the impact of an Industry/Technical Event?

Taking part in an Industry/Technical event makes a big difference, as it can help young people understand whether your industry could be right for them and, if it is, how they can get started. Because they are so focused, Industry/Technical Events have a significant impact on young people.

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