Visit local schools to help develop young people’s soft skills, giving them what they need to succeed in the workplace.

What is a Soft Skills Event?

Soft skills events are designed to give young people an opportunity to develop skills such as resilience, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills and independence - and to understand why these skills are important in the workplace. This can help to boost employability, develop enterprise opportunities and prepare young people for the world of work.

How should I prepare?

The teacher organising the event may wish to cover a specific skill, or talk about how soft skills relate to your particular industry - they will let you know before the event takes place. Be prepared to talk about why soft skills are important in your industry and how young people can develop skills such as resilience and independence, and to answer any questions they might have.

What is the impact of a Soft Skills Event?

By taking part in a Soft Skills Event, you are helping young people to develop skills that are integral to the modern workplace. While these can often be learned indirectly through general daily interactions, putting an emphasis on why they are important can help improve a young person’s readiness for work.

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