Business Leader

Inspiring real life role models is the single most powerful thing for students

What to expect:

Please arrive at the school 15 minutes in advance of the start time. The event itself will be 1 hour, and typically broken down as follows:

  • Teacher introduces the session (5 minutes)
  • Speaker 1 (8 minutes)
  • Speaker 2 (8 minutes)
  • Speaker 3 (8 minutes)
  • Speaker 4 (8 minutes)
  • Q&A from students (10-15 minutes)
  • Teacher closes event & dismisses students (5 minutes)

founders4schools events are 1 hour long with 2 to 4 leaders of fast-growing companies sharing lessons from their career journeys and answering the students’ questions

You will be joined by other business leaders that have been selected by the teacher from a list of recommendations we make to them. Our recommendations are based on information held on you by LinkedIn and your company on Duedil and by nominations from a wide range of partners. We create a webpage for the event that we will send to you a month before the event.

94% of students having attended a single F4S event said they were inspired by hearing from business leaders and would want to have another opportunity like that.

What to speak about:

We ask you to speak about your background with these points in mind:

  • What subjects did you study in school and university and which were you most passionate about?
  • What does your company do and why is this important?
  • How many people does your company employ and what skills are you hiring for right now?
  • How do the subjects that you studied at school help you in your work today (if at all)?
  • What you most enjoy about your career

These are guidelines to help frame your talk. Feel free to share what you think is relevant and what you wish you'd known when you were starting out.

Top tips from previous speakers:

  1. Tell your story. We’ve found speakers don’t need fancy PowerPoints or presentations - just their own journey.
  2. Talk about your failures as well as your successes. Like all of us, students are motivated by stories of trying without being sure of what the outcome could be.
  3. Encourage them to dream. Discuss your passions, and how you discovered them.
  4. Help them build links between what they are learning and the real world. Students are always curious about how what they are learning in school can be used in future careers. Let them know how you’re using what you learned when you were sitting in their seats.
  5. Stick to your time. This will let all business leaders tell their story and offer students diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  6. Please avoid niche terms or abbreviations (for example, not all students will know what CEO means).
Founders4Schools at the UCL Academy

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and accepting the invitation to speak to local students!

If you would like to speak at your old school or have any other questions please feel free to contact us at